10 Best Android Games For Battery 3: FIFA 14, DragonVale, Where’s My Water, Avenger & More


You can find many great games in Google Play’s listings, but the issue is that those games are mostly ranked based on the number of downloads and users they have. With M2AppMonitor, we want to help bring you great apps, in this case, games, that are not only enjoyed by other users, but don’t severely drain your battery and other resources.

Below is the 3rd issue for 10 best Android games that won’t kill your battery. Pulling from 10′s of thousands of Android games using data anonymously collected from the M2AppMonitor community, these games are some of the most played that affect your battery the least.

Check out part 2 of the 10 best Android games with low battery drain rate if you missed the last post.

For reference, some games, as you already know, severely drain your battery – 1000′s of mW on average.

A game starts to have poor battery performance when it starts using over 1,700 mW on average.

10 Best Android Games with Low Battery Drain 3

10. Bubble Shoot Battery drain rate – 590.69 mW

Bubble Shoot

9. DragonVale Battery drain rate – 589.18 mW

DragonVale Android game

8. FIFA 14 Battery drain rate – 588.44 mW

FIFA 14 Android game

7. Where’s My Water? Battery drain rate – 586.26 mW

Where's My Water Android Game

6. Pool Billiards Pro Battery drain rate – 570.77 mW

Pool Billiards Pro Android game

5. Avenger Battery drain rate – 555.03 mW

Avenger Android Game

4. Bakery Story Battery drain rate – 545.65 mW

Bakery Story Android game

3. Teka Teki Silang Battery drain rate – 543.89 mW

Teka Teki Silang Android game

2. Inotia 4 Battery drain rate – 543.8 mW

Inotia 4 Android game

1. KidsDoodle Battery drain rate – 543.43 mW

kids Doodle android game

Our posts are presented to help you discover great new Android apps, that aren’t only discovered based on the number of downloads they have, but by how well they perform on your device and how other users enjoy them. All data is aggregated and collected anonymously from M2AppMonitor, now available on Google Play.

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