Do You Get the Message: 5 Android messaging apps that are used the most


The tech world is still buzzing after hearing the news that Facebook acquired WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a giant in the field of over-the-top Android messaging apps with 400 million users, but they are not alone. Several over-the-top Android messaging apps have started with niche audiences and have expanded to nine-figure user bases as well. With some people subscribed to multiple Android messaging apps, we want to determine which messaging apps people are really using the most. So to find out, we saw which apps our worldwide M2AppMonitor community actually engaged with the most. Below is a list of  the five most used Android messaging apps, in order of most time spent on screen.

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1. BBM: 48.2% of all Android messaging app use

BBM is the most used messaging android app M2AppMonitor reports

The BBM Android app user base is relatively small (about a tenth as many downloads as WhatsApp), but extremely passionate. Almost half the time the M2AppMonitor is using an over-the-top messaging app, they are using BBM.

2. WhatsApp: 33.6% of all Android messaging app usage

WhatsApp is a highly used messaging android app m2appmonitor report

Facebook’s big acquisition sits in second with about a third of all messaging-related app usage. It will be interesting to see how WhatsApp’s usage changes over the coming months as Facebook plans to build in more rich-media features.

3. LINE: 9.9% of all Android messaging app usage

LINE is a highly used messaging app M2AppMonitor reports

An app created as a response to Japan’s devastating earthquake, LINE now captures a tenth of the world’s messaging-related activity. New features such as video calls, voice calls, stickers, and photo-sharing have helped boost LINE to a nine-digit user base.

4. GO SMS Pro: 2.8% of all Android messenger app usage

GO SMS Pro is a highly-used android messaging app M2AppMonitor report

The GO SMS Pro Android app surpassed much larger apps to make it onto this list. A deep list of personalized themes and emoticons, as well as spam blockers, private box, and auto-reply features keep their growing number of users completely engaged.

5. WeChat: 1.9% of all Android messaging app usage

WeChat is a highly used messaging app M2AppMonitor reports

WeChat, which sends free texting, voice messages, and video calls; is on fire with over 300 million users. Initially popular in China, this app is rapidly expanding worldwide.


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  • Johan

    Everyone I know with an Android phone uses Hangouts since that is the only chat app that doesn’t destroy device performance by keeping one or more services running in the background and/or abusing wake up events to frequently start the app process in the background to poll for messages. It’s just plain weird that even third party chat apps that uses GCM for push notifications still keep a running service for no other reason than to ensure overall device performance is reduced. Are the developers of Skype, Whatsapp and all the rest just incompetent or do they just really hate their Android users?

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