5 Best Android Games


From the hundreds of thousands of Android games available, M2AppMonitor selects the 5 best Android games based on trending usage and app performance such as battery drain and data usage.

With hundreds of new Android games entering Google Play every day, it is harder than ever for Android users to choose the best Android games that are not only highly-used by other users, but also proven to not drain your device resources such as battery, CPU, and data. Now that Flurry reports that over 70% of Android users play games regularly, Android users need to find the best games available. That’s why M2AppMonitor, a free app available on Google Play, built in a new app recommendations engine to let users see which apps are trending in onscreen usage time and verified to run efficiently on your device. Today, M2AppMonitor lists off the 5 best Android games apps that have caught the global M2AppMonitor community by storm.




SmartBricks is beloved by the M2AppMonitor community as a way to pass time. It’s clever, addictive and fun game. Forget about traditional Tetris and give this game a shot, you’ll enjoy it.

Ant Smasher


Are you ready to smash some annoying ants? Kill ants while you kill time with  Ant Smasher. Let’s smash them before they get to your food. This game is highly entertaining, fun, and addictive. And it’s more social now, too, so you can smash your friend’s picture.

Fantastic 4 In A Row


Fantastic 4 In A Row game is made for everyone in the family, it has never been so much fun. You can enjoy it by beating the computer or play against your friends. It comes with great sound effects and selections of themes, and 4 levels of game play (easy,medium,hard and expert). It will keep you having fun as you improve your game.

Parking Challenge


Parking Challenge 3D earns good reviews with respect to vivid picture clarity, superior sound quality, and smart game-level designs. The app is all about driving and parking four different vehicles, having real-like physics, through multiple bends and turns, without bumping onto the pavement or other objects in your way. If you are fond of driving and love to take challenges, or even improve your actual parking skills, you will definitely love this game.



The #1 Solitaire game on the iPhone and it’s now on Android. With numerous Solitaire apps in the market, you may be overwhelmed with what is available. This app, by MobilityWare, itself is fairly simple compared to lots of other games out there. This is a very good looking solitaire app in which the player has a lot of options to choose from, for example selecting different background colors, or downloading a custom background from your own Photo library. With over 20 custom options for the deck of cards, selectable viewpoints and more, this solitaire game is easy to use, and fun to play, for both experienced solitaire players and beginners.

We hope that our app recommendations helped guide you to downloading the best possible Android games apps.  Download M2AppMonitor for free and subscribe to our free mailing list below for more app recommendations and leave a comment if you use any of these apps or would like to suggest a certain app category for a future app recommendation article . Through M2AppMonitor and its intelligent app recommendations engine, we are able to present invaluable insights into the Android app ecosystem. If you want to see if any of your apps are misbehaving and find the next high-quality apps, download the FREE M2AppMonitor Android app on Google Play today!

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