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M2 App Monitor is the only community-based performance and usage app for Android. Join other M2 App Monitor users in our distinct M2 Community, and instantly see helpful information allowing you to take action to improve your device’s performance.

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M2 App Monitor for Android
M2 App Monitor for Android
M2 App Monitor for Android

It has your back, even when you forget

M2 App Monitor takes up less than 2% of your phone’s or tablet’s resources. You’ll hardly know it’s there, but when you download an inefficient app, M2 App Monitor will kindly alert you that the app, for example, severely drains battery. It’s your advisor to better Android apps.

Get the most out of your phone

Android Monitor
Android Monitor
M2 App Monitor for Android

Don’t just take our word for it

  • “Being a professional wedding photographer I am always attached to my phone and I depend on my phone to last me all day. There have been several occasions where this didn’t happen due to rogue apps or apps that never closed and killed my battery. Since I got this app I have been able to keep an eye on my phone and if an app starts acting up it alerts me that something is using a lot of battery, wifi, or permissions automatically. Then I can close the app down and not worry about my phone not lasting all day. M2AppMonitor is the best app like this that I have used.”

    Lisa Crane
    Lisa CraneM2AppMonitor User
  • "Install it once, you won't let it go. It's one of the most complete Android apps that provides an in-depth knowledge of various other apps installed on your device. In my 7 years of software testing career, M2AppMonitor is among the top quality products that I have come across."

    Jayakrishnan P., Android QA Analyst
    Jayakrishnan P., Android QA AnalystApps Team Technologies
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