Battery-Saving Black Friday Shopping Apps: Save money and phone background battery life with these Android shopping apps


Hoards of people sprinting, sheer chaos spreading throughout America, and days of waiting in line where only the truly-devoted earn their just reward. That’s right folks, it’s only a few days away from Black Friday. Cyber Monday may come the following Monday, but Black Friday still reigns as king as the most popular shopping event. With Black Friday, crowds continue to grow larger and line up earlier. To compete with this increasingly competitive crowd, you have to use technology to your advantage so you can leave the battleground victorious.

The need to always update prices, and to contain a catalogue of location-based deals, listings, and specials; Black Friday shopping apps can use a lot of battery in the background. The average app in the utility category uses up almost 87 mW of battery, which can kill your battery while you are in line or in a store. Losing your smartphone early could lead to disappointing shopping results and the failure to bring home the big sale. With all the hours you wait in line, you need a shopping coupon app that will go the distance. In this M2AppMonitor report, we’ve listed 5 Black Friday Shopping Android apps that drain very little battery while in the background.

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1. RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

1.31 mW Background Battery Drain Rate

RedLaser is a battery saving Android Black Friday Shopping App M2AppMonitor

Among all of these premium apps, RedLaser stands supreme with a sleeker-than-sleek 1.31 mW battery consumption while in the background. You will save as much battery as you do on those namebrand shoes you’ve been fighting for. RedLaser searches millions of products across thousands of online and local retailers to find the best prices, buy securely, find alternatives and accessories, and store loyalty cards. RedLaser is one lean, mean, shopping machine.


2. Shopkick

9.86 mW Background Battery Drain Rate

Shopkick is a battery saving Android Black Friday Shopping App M2AppMonitor

Taking the second spot is Shopkick, with a slim 9.86 mW background battery drain rate. So slim! Shopkick helps shoppers discover all the best products at local stores. It features great products available at stores like Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Old Navy, American Eagle and Crate & Barrel. And it rewards shoppers with kicks (points) just for walking in the door. These kicks can add up and reward users with giftcards from their favorite stores. Shopkick’s upside is huge, and has almost no downside, it will keep your device up and running.

3.RetailMeNot Coupons

12.06 mW Background Battery Drain Rate

RetailMeNot is a battery saving Android Black Friday Shopping App M2AppMonitor

The RetailMeNot Coupons app makes it easy to save while you shop in stores and online with thousands of coupons and deals to the places you love. RetailMeNot Coupons app comes with plenty of handy features, such as the ability to check out trending deals or daily deals to find the best possible offer. This app shows you all the burning-hot deals, without burning through your battery life.

4. Black Friday Coupons GeoQpons

17.75 mW Background Battery Drain Rate

Black Friday Coupons GeoQpons is a battery saving Android Black Friday Shopping App M2AppMonitor

GeoQpons is stocked with thousands of in-store coupons and Black Friday deals from retailers and restaurants. GeoQpons is like a mobile coupon wallet with well-organized coupons. With this massive database, GeoQpons’ 17.75 mW background battery drain rate is stellar.

5. Black Friday Coupons Shopular

63.53 mW Background Battery Drain Rate

Shopular is a battery saving Android Black Friday Shopping App M2AppMonitor

Shopular alerts users on Black Friday ads as they are released. Shopular includes several nifty features; including automatic notifications on sales as soon as you reach the mall. Shopular covers sales in over 1,000 malls across the entire US, too!

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