Battery Widget Pro

Improving Android battery life, together

Battery Widget Pro is the only battery app for Android that allows you to compare your battery performance against thousands of other people in real-time. By joining the Battery Community, you will instantly benefit from thousands of other Android battery enthusiasts, showing you how to increase your Android battery life and improve its performance.

An Android community that cares about battery

Leveraging Android battery data from the Battery Community, Battery Widget Pro can tell you which apps are depleting your battery in the foreground and in the background, for each hour, day, week, or month. See your device’s battery charge time and drain rate compared to others with the same device, and even others with different devices on your same carrier network. The Battery Community can help you see which apps drain your battery the most, and helpfully suggest better, more battery-efficient apps.

The Android battery app that gives back

By having Battery Widget Pro running, you’ll already be contributing anonymously to the Battery Community, helping other community members and app developers improve their Android battery performance. In turn, benefit personally from the Battery community by seeing which apps are great for your device’s battery, and how your apps and devices drain battery compared to others.

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