Great News: 8 Extremely Engaging “News” Android Apps for the M2AppMonitor Community


Mobile devices are essential in keeping us connected with the entire world. Whether you’re interested in the latest world news, juicy celebrity gossip, or tasty recipes, there’s an Android app to keep all your interests organized. With plenty of Android options for consuming news content, consumers have hundreds of news apps vying for their attention. With all these choices, how do you choose?

To help you in your quest for the best news app, here are the 8 most engaging news apps for the M2AppMonitor community. For this report, we discovered which apps spend the most time on the screen, not in the background. If you want to see which of your apps use the most of your device’s data, memory, battery and more, you can download the FREE M2AppMonitor app on Google Play to regain control of your Android device.



1. Feedly

Feedly is the most engaging news reading Android app for M2AppMonitor community

Feedly is a new way to browse the content of your favorite news sites, rss feeds, tumblr blogs and youtube channels. Instead of having to hunt down for news, feedly uses RSS to aggregate the contents of the news sites and blogs you like and deliver them as a fast mobile-optimized experience.


2. Flipboard

Flipboard is an engaging news Android app for M2AppMonitor community

Flipboard is a beautifully designed app that lets you browse through news stories, which are divided by category. Other major features include the ability to customize your feed, save articles for later, and even create your own magazines. With its great design and convenient features, it’s no wonder why Flipboard is the 2nd most popular news app among the M2AppMonitor community.


3. Appy Geek

Appy Geek is an engaging news Android app for M2AppMonitor community

Appy Geek boasts its leadership of the tech news world as the #1 app on Android. With this research, it’s clear that Appy Geek has broken into the mainstream, taking the 3rd spot on this week’s list of top news reading apps.


4. Pocket

Pocket is an Engaging Android news reading app for M2AppMonitor community

Pocket is simple, yet essential. With pocket, you can save anything from the web or news apps so that you can read it later. With the busy lifestyles of today, Pocket is a must to stay up-to-date on your current events.


5. Reddit is Fun

Reddit is Fun is an engaging Android news reading app for M2AppMonitor community

This app, for the massively popular new/link/picture sharing website, has plenty of users who all agree that Reddit is, in fact, very fun. With a dedicated user base who spends a significant amount of time interacting with the app, Reddit is Fun lands on the list as number 5.


6. News Republic

News Republic is a highly engaging news reading Android app for M2AppMonitor community

News Republic is the 6th most engaging news apps for the M2AppMonitor community. The highly-visual design and organized layout makes it easy for users to become addicted to keeping up with the news.


7. BeyondPod

BeyondPod is most engaging podcast news Android app for M2AppMonitor community

So far, this news app list has been dominated by news readers. BeyondPod, however, which is a fully-featured podcast manager, breaks the streak; earning its spot as the 7th most engaging news app. Apps like BeyondPod come in handy, especially for commuters that are tired of listening to the morning radio and commercials.


8. Currents

Currents is an engaging news reading Android app for M2AppMonitor community

Google fans who are sad to see Google Reader end, can rejoice with Google Currents. Within Currents’ beautiful designs, users have several features to explore: publisher editions, fast scans, breaking news, and save stories, just to name a few.


This is the latest post in our new M2AppMonitor Analysis series, where we will present you with information on apps directly from our M2AppMonitor community. This information is packed full of invaluable insights into the Android app ecosystem. If you want to see if any of your apps are misbehaving, download the FREE M2AppMonitor Android app on Google Play today!

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