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5 Best Android Utility Apps

The M2AppMonitor intelligent app recommendations engine  provides 5 must-have Android utility apps that are both highly-used and resource-efficient. With the increasing number of developed apps in the Android market today, it is harder than ever for Android users to choose the best apps that not only highly-used by other users, but also proven to not […]

Top 5 Android Security Apps

M2AppMonitor fans are already aware of how M2AppMonitor helps users see which of your apps use the most of your device’s time (foreground or background), data, memory, battery and more. In addition to using M2AppMonitor to keep your device running efficiently, Viviana Woodbury, of, lists 5 helpful Android security apps that will keep your […]

Press Release: M2AppMonitor 2.0 Adds App Recommendation System

For the millions of Android users who know from personal experience the toll popular apps can take on their device’s data plan, battery and CPU, a new upgrade from M2AppMonitor - the first-ever crowdsourced app quality management tool for Android – couldn’t come at a more propitious time. Introducing M2Catalyst’s M2AppMonitor 2.0, a significantly enhanced new […]

World’s Most Popular Android eBook apps and eReader Android Apps

Ebooks and technological advances have shaken up the traditional book publishing industry. For consumers, ebooks can be accessed anywhere for competitive prices, if not free. For authors, absolutely anyone with an internet connection can publish their work at no cost. Android Ebooks have impacted the Android community as well, with multiple ereader and ebook apps […]

Do You Get the Message: 5 Android messaging apps that are used the most

The tech world is still buzzing after hearing the news that Facebook acquired WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a giant in the field of over-the-top Android messaging apps with 400 million users, but they are not alone. Several over-the-top Android messaging apps have started with niche audiences and have expanded to nine-figure user bases as well. With […]

Top 5 Most Played Android Games

Tired of playing games on your phone or tablet? If you answered ‘Yes,’ we all know you’re not telling the truth. With hundreds of new Android games coming out on the daily, we’ll dive into the 5 most played Android games, listed in order of onscreen time. This crowdsourced community report is provided by M2AppMonitor, a free […]
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