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Wild Wild Wednesday: Most Engaging Android Games

Hundreds of Android games are released every day. To gain our attention, many of those games use paid advertising to drive massive downloads and rise in the Google Play rankings. Due to these practices, the Google Play rankings reflect a distorted view of which apps are the most popular and the most fun. To help […]

Big Social Media Battery Drainers: 11 Android Apps with the Highest Battery Drain Rate

In yesterday’s post, the M2 Community showed which popular Android social media apps, such as Facebook, Youtube, Google Plus and Twitter, spend more than 90% of the time running in the background. Today, we will take this study a step forward by revealing the average battery usage of the top Android social networking apps. Social networks are […]

Which Apps do People Love Using the Most?

Here we are again – sitting on the couch with our phones, browsing what looks like to be an endless amount of apps in the app store as we try to find the ideal app that will satisfy our needs. With over 1 million Android apps in the Google Play store, and counting, it is […]
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