High Data Usage Apps: An insight into which Android apps have used the most data in the M2AppMonitor Community


With mobile service prices always seeming to be on the rise, keeping your high Android data usage app in check should be one of your top priorities; we all know it’s easy to rack up data with all the high data usage applications keeping you busy. Making sure we stay within our data cap is important; going over the cap just even a little can exponentially raise your overall bill. 

If you want to see which of your apps use the most of your device’s Android data usage (foreground or background), data, memory, battery and more, you can download the FREE M2AppMonitor app on Google Play to regain control of your Android device.

Now, let’s dive into our worldwide M2AppMonitor community to see which apps have logged the most amount of data-usage. Below is the top 3 list, #1 being the app that has logged the most amount of data-usage.

1. Facebook - 340+ GB total

Facebook Android app runs in the background

This may not come as a surprise to most of you as the highest Android data usage app. Starting out targeting only college students, Facebook now has your Aunt Betty, Uncle Bill, and Grandma Rosemary actively posting pictures and status updates. Facebook is and has been the top social networking site for quite a few years now. Keep up with your friends and family, organize events, meet new people.. there’s a reason why this is the most data-used app within our M2AppMonitor community.

2. Chrome - 250GB total

chromeGoogle Chrome

Chrome is Google’s popular web browser; they’re all about speed. Browse fast with the Chrome web browser on your Android phone and tablet. The beauty of Chrome is that you have the option to sign in to sync your Chrome browser experience from your computer to bring it with you anywhere you go. If you’re looking for a solid & fast browser, give Google Chrome a shot.

chrome3. Opera Mini - 250GB total

operaOpera Mini Browser

Tying with Chrome is Opera Mini, another widely-used browser. Opera Mini claims to be the fastest Android browser (now that’s a bold claim), and has the right to, havingunnamed similar data usages as to the more popular Google Chrome. With Opera Mini, you will even be able to cut data costs by up to 90% with their unique compression technology. If you’re on the look for a new browser or want to try something new, give Opera Mini a shot. There’s a reason why over 250 million people use this browser regularly.

Today’s Android data usage apps post is the latest post in our new M2AppMonitor Analysis series, where we will present you with information on apps directly from our M2AppMonitor community. This information is packed full of invaluable insights into the Android app ecosystem. If you want to see if any of your apps are misbehaving, download the FREE M2AppMonitor Android app on Google Play today!


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