Holiday Recipe App Trends & Surprises Revealed In New Report from Global M2AppMonitor Crowdsource Community


Time to hang up the gym pass until January because it’s holiday season and that means three things: food, food, and more food. With the season in full swing, it’s time to stock up on great recipes to please your guests, whether you’re making a quick dinner for the family or wanting to impress at the neighbor’s holiday party.

A growing menu of recipe apps have made life a lot easier. The abundance of free recipe apps constantly provide fresh content, vivid photos, and real-time feedback from fellow users. However, with all of these high-quality recipe apps, how do you choose which is the best? You can look at Google Play to see broad download ranges, but which ones are really being used by Android users like yourself?

M2AppMonitor, the first-ever community-based app quality management tool for Android, has the answer. Using crowd-sourced community reporting, M2AppMonitor has found the six most-used recipe apps worldwide among the M2AppMonitor community—based on time actually spent on the M2AppMonitor community’s screens.

1. Marmiton (1,000,000-5,000,000 downloads): This French cooking app with over 61,000 recipes is the most-used cooking app worldwide. When members of the M2AppMonitor community are searching for the next winning recipe, Marmiton is used 30% of the time.
2. Allthecooks Recipes (5,000,000-10,000,000 downloads): This photo-centric recipe app from Silicon Valley is used 22% of the time when users seek recipe inspiration.
3. Cuisine (500,000-1,000,000 downloads): As the second French app on the list, Cuisine is used 9% of the time.
4. Drinkepedia (100,000-500,000 downloads): It’s not just food recipe apps on this list. Drinkepedia has hundreds of concoctions to help get you through the holidays, and it is the most-trusted source for the M2AppMonitor community when it comes to liquid creations.
5. Calorie Counter by FatSecret (10,000,000-50,000,000 downloads): This not-so-subtly-named diet app has users tuning in for healthy recipes in addition to keeping track of their caloric intake.
6. BigOven (1,000,000-5,000,000 downloads): The largest recipe app (holding over 250,000 recipes) grabs a 4% slice of the recipe app market with regards to the community’s time spent.

Top Recipe App-Pie Graph

“There’s an infinite number of compelling insights we can gain from each M2AppMonitor report,” says Michael Brough, co-founder and CEO of M2Catalyst—a rapidly growing software developer that offers a wide variety of mobile applications designed to improve the mobile experience. “For example, Marmiton is not even among the most downloaded recipe apps on Google Play, but insights from the M2AppMonitor community show us that it’s the most-used recipe app by far.
“Beyond being able to see how much an app is used, M2AppMonitor can show consumers how each app performs with regards to 10 crucial app quality metrics such as battery drain, data use, and an app’s access to personal information. With M2AppMonitor, consumers are alerted on apps that abuse their device’s resources, as well as informed on high-performing apps that receive M2AppMonitor’s stamp of approval.”

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