Kingsoft Office: an M2AppMonitor-Approved Android App


Since the M2AppMonitor app launched on Google Play two months ago, we have gained valuable insight on well-over 200,000 Android apps. M2AppMonitor helps Android users see how apps use their devices’ resources such as battery drain, data usage, and access permissions. With the full spectrum of Android apps available, Kingsoft Office—a free app on Google Play—stands out as one of the best-performing Android apps in the utilities category.

Below, we’ve listed our insights gained from the M2AppMonitor community, proving Kingsoft Office as an exceptionally-well-performing app. For those of you who are not familiar with Kingsoft, Kingsoft Office is a feature-packed Android app that lets Android users be productive by letting them work on writing documents, presentation slides, document readers, and more. With Kingsoft Office, you can work from your tablet or phone with all the functionality of working on a laptop or desktop. In addition to all of the necessities, Kingsoft Office delivers multiple extremely useful features: rich formatting, cloud storage support with Google Drive and Dropbox, document encryption options, display models, direct-to-email documents, and more.

Now that you see why Kingsoft is so special, here are some of the statistics we have pulled straight from the M2AppMonitor community. We compared Kingsoft Office’s app performance statistics to those of the 100 most-used utility apps.

Kingsoft vs. Top 100-Data Usage

As seen above, Kingsoft Office has a super-sleek data usage, which is uses three times less data than the top 100 utility apps.

Kingsoft vs. Top 100-CPU Usage


Utility apps are known for not using a ton of CPU, as seen above where the 100 most-used utility apps have a .62% CPU usage. Still, Kingsoft Office is over two times more efficient with a .29% CPU usage. This keeps your device running as fast as possible.

Kingsoft vs. Top 100-Background CPU Usage

Finally, we’ll compare background CPU percentage. When the average background CPU usage of the 100 most-used apps increases to .775, Kingsoft’s usage in the background drops to .12. That means Kingsoft Office is over 6 times more efficient than the average top utility app, meaning Kingsoft Office will have a minimal effect on your user experience when not in use.

We are proud to call Kingsoft Office an M2AppMonitor-Approved App. Not only is it extremely useful, but it avoids taking a toll on your device’s resources as well. Make sure to download Kingsoft Office for free on Google Play. If you want to see how your apps use your Android device’s resources, make sure to check out M2AppMonitor, too. For more fresh updates on M2AppMonitor-approved apps, subscribe to our blog by filling out the brief form on the bottom of the page.

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