M2AppMonitor Debuts As First Crowdsourced App Quality & Performance Management Tool For Android


As a billion consumers know all too well, the continuous expansion of the Android app universe comes with a steep price – data, CPU, memory, and battery overload are among many problems that threaten to slow or even crash phones, run up phone bills needlessly, and even open access to all of the user’s personal data.

M2AppMonitor addresses the massively successful Android smart phone and tablet market, which is experiencing problems of epic proportions. In September, Google announced that more than 1 billion Android devices have been activated worldwide. With thousands of Android device models, hundreds of carrier networks, and multiple versions of the Android operating system, it’s virtually impossible for any developer to test their apps properly on all possible permutations. As a result, Android phones are notorious for having problems caused by apps, most or all of which goes undetected by users until it’s too late.

Determined to turn the tide on app misbehavior, mobile software developer M2Catalyst has created M2AppMonitor, the first-ever community-based app quality management tool for Android. M2AppMonitor consists of ten different monitoring apps wrapped into one simple user interface, appealing to novice and advanced users alike. A comprehensive app management resource, M2AppMonitor enables users to monitor and securely share key app metrics in real time and instantly determine which apps may be compromising the performance, longevity, and access rights of their Android devices.

M2AppMonitor 10 Apps in One

Selected for the prestigious CTIA Innovation Showcase earlier this year from among hundreds of mobile industry contenders, M2AppMonitor is now available free to consumers through Google Play

Offering a fully-transparent and easily-comprehensible range of simple notifications, reports and comparative information previously unavailable to Android consumers, M2AppMonitor:

  • - Provides consumers the ability, at a glance, to identify which apps are consuming the most battery in the foreground and the background, allowing them to switch to more efficient apps and eliminate the inconvenience of recharging throughout the day.
  • - Identifies apps that are crashing the most so they can be removed to greatly reduce device downtime.
  • - Compares how apps on a device are performing versus others in the M2AppMonitor community, allowing consumers to determine if it’s their device or their apps causing the problem.
  • - Provides summary data reports, alerts, and practical solutions to all problems detected.
  • - Displays all of the apps that are running in the background, giving the user the opportunity to force stop or uninstall inefficient apps so they no longer needlessly consume battery life.
  • - Includes a breakdown of Wi-Fi vs. mobile data consumption metrics for each application, helping consumers pinpoint the apps that are driving up the data plan charges on their phone bill.
  • - Shows consumers which apps on their device have access to their contacts.

“It’s a pleasure to watch Android phone users open M2AppMonitor for the first time and say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know I had that many apps running in the background draining my battery,’ and ‘Why would a flashlight app need access to my contacts?’” says Michael Brough, co-founder and CEO of M2Catalyst – a rapidly growing software developer that offers a wide variety of mobile applications designed to improve the mobile experience.  “M2AppMonitor is necessary in the market because it eliminates the hassles of downloading multiple monitoring apps, plus it builds in the crowdsource community sharing advantages to provide extremely valuable app performance guidelines and alerts to consumers.”

Among the many highly satisfied consumers who’ve recently tested M2AppMonitor is Lisa Crane, a wedding photographer based in Boise, Idaho, who comments, “…I depend on my phone to last me all day. There have been several occasions where this didn’t happen due to rogue apps or apps that never closed and killed my battery. Since I got M2AppMonitor, I have been able to keep an eye on my phone, and if an app starts acting up, it alerts me that something is using a lot of battery, Wi-Fi, or permissions automatically. I can then close the app down and not worry about my phone not lasting all day. M2AppMonitor is the best app like this that I have used.”

About M2Catalyst
M2Catalyst is a mobile software development and distribution firm based in California. The company produces compelling and differentiating Android, iOS, Big Data, Cloud, Social Networking, and Analytics software products not only for the consumer, but also for the wireless carrier, device OEM, app developer, media, and enterprise markets. For more information, please visit www.m2catalyst.com.

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