Press Release: M2AppMonitor 2.0 Adds App Recommendation System


For the millions of Android users who know from personal experience the toll popular apps can take on their device’s data plan, battery and CPU, a new upgrade from M2AppMonitor - the first-ever crowdsourced app quality management tool for Android – couldn’t come at a more propitious time.

Introducing M2Catalyst’s M2AppMonitor 2.0, a significantly enhanced new version featuring a proprietary “Intelligent App Recommendation” engine that assesses the performance metrics of individual games and apps, considers each user’s specific device and network, and suggests alternative Android apps that will deliver the same app experience without eating up as much precious data, battery and CPU resources.Homepage

M2AppMonitor only recommends apps that are resource-efficient and popular right now among the global M2AppMonitor community. App recommendations are updated daily to keep consumers fully informed about the latest app releases and upgrades.

Since 2013, Android users worldwide have used M2AppMonitor to effortlessly manage their apps and avoid costly data overages, increase device battery life, and ensure their device runs efficiently. Mindful that certain apps can slow down a phone or tablet even when that app isn’t in use, M2AppMonitor delivers the most thorough app performance reports and real-time resource alerts on a given app’s battery usage, data usage, memory, CPU, crashes, and permissions access in the mobile marketplace today.

Teaming With Appia

M2AppMonitor 2.0 also benefits from a partnership with Appia, the leading mobile user acquisition network. Delivering more than 70 million mobile app downloads to over 1 billion users across more than 200 countries and ranked #22 on the Wall Street Journal’s 2012 Top 50 Venture-backed companies, Appia provides mobile performance solutions for developers, publishers and advertisers.

Under the terms of the new alliance, M2Catalyst will generate the best possible app recommendations for consumers based on input from Appia and a review of M2AppMonitor’s own comprehensive monitoring metrics.

Representing another benefit to consumers and developers, M2AppMonitor 2.0 also accurately detects trending apps based on actual screen time and repeat usage, and not simply on downloads (an often misleading statistic since many users download a game or other app only to uninstall it soon after).

Recommended Apps-Entertainment

Moreover, consumers can browse through M2AppMonitor’s frequently-updated App Recommendations section by category (such as “Games,” “Entertainment” or “Utility”) and are always just one click away from being able to install a desired app on Google Play.

“The inclusion of our new ‘Intelligent App Recommendation’ engine in conjunction with Appia represents the next logical phase in the evolution of M2Catalyst’s M2AppMonitor,” says Michael Brough, co-founder and CEO of M2Catalyst. “With this new technology, we can not only assess the performance analytics of the world’s most popular – and sometimes, most troublesome – apps, but can make well-reasoned recommendations to consumers on how they can keep their smart devices healthy without compromising their own app usage experience.”

For more information about the free M2AppMonitor app, please visit Google Play.


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