Noteworthy Notepads: 5 Android Organization Apps that Save Battery, Too!


People are getting busier and busier every day, it seems. There’s always things to do, people to meet, tasks to complete, and it is easy for things to fall through the cracks. Today, there’s plenty of note pad apps on Google Play to help Android users organize their thoughts and agendas. Among the notepad apps, plenty have a rating of 4 stars of higher. So how do you choose? In this M2AppMonitor report, we’ve listed 5 notes apps that are popular (100,000 downloads or more), well-reviewed (4 stars or higher), and battery-efficient. Below are the top 5 apps that save the most battery on the devices of the M2AppMonitor community.

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1. Easypad

177.4 mW

Easypad is the best battery saving notes Android app M2AppMonitor

Easypad, by movin’App, takes this week’s prize and the most battery-efficient Android notepad app. Easypad is extremely easy to use, but also packed with great features, such as customizable notepads, fun design options, backup capabilities, and the ability to send notes by SMS, email, or Dropbox. Once you get used to Easypad, make sure to check out their even more expansive Pro version. You can feel guilt free using Easypad, being that it has a super-low battery consumption rate of 177.4 mW, averaged across all Easypad versions being used by the M2AppMonitor community. By comparison, the 100 most popular utility apps average a battery drain rate of 491.74, which is over 2.5 times larger than Easypad!

2. Evernote

307.2 mW

Evernote is a battery saving notepad notes app for Android_M2AppMonitor

Evernote has received mentions and awards by the New York Times, TechCrunch, Mashable, and more. Today they can add one more accolade to their list; being named as one of the most battery-efficient Android notepad apps! With a 307.2 mW battery drain rate, Evernote is super sleek on your device’s battery. Evernote continues to add great features like an improved page camera and organization improvements.

3. ColorNote

382.8 mW

ColorNote is a battery saving Android notes notepad app_M2AppMonitor report

ColorNote offers plenty of great organization tools and options such as to-do lists, grid view, and color coding. Additional features such as reminders, sharing, and password protection will also help your organizational needs. With a 382.8 mW drain rate, you won’t kill your device’s battery, either.

4. Quick Notes

525.11 mW

Quick Notes is a battery saving Android notepad notes app M2AppMonitor report

Quick Notes delivers offers a variety of solutions for all of your organizational needs. The Search feature is also helpful in finding any lost notes or thoughts.

5. Note Everything

734.7 mW

Note everything is a battery saving Android notepad notes app M2AppMonitor Report

Although Note Everything has a slightly higher battery drain rate than the others on the list, rich features such as paint notes and voice notes, in addition to text notes, certainly justify the higher battery drain rate.

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