“Phone In” Your Exercise Routine The Smart Way in 2014 With The World’s Fittest Workout-Based Apps: M2AppMonitor Highlights Five Popular Android Fitness Apps with Slimmest Battery Drain


If you’re one of the millions of people who vowed to start or resume a consistent workout routine in 2014, chances are you’ve waited until now – the first week after the holidays – to see if your healthy living resolutions will work out in the new year.

Although hours spent staring at a TV, computer or tablet have previously hindered your efforts to get or stay fit, technology can actually help you achieve your fitness goals this year if you – and your phone – are smart about it. In fact, there are hundreds of Android apps available in Google Play that will help guide you to learn new exercises, track your running and walking routes, monitor your progress toward reaching your fitness goals, and much more.

To help you achieve and maintain your fitness goals in 2014, M2AppMonitor – a free Android app that consumers worldwide use to avoid costly data overages, increase battery life, and protect their privacy – has released a new report on five popular health and exercise apps that conserve battery life and will stay every bit as fit as you in the new year.

With all of the rich features included in today’s fitness apps, such as GPS tracking, heart-rate monitoring, and personalized training plans, it’s not uncommon to see fitness apps that drain your device’s battery at alarmingly-high rates. The average fitness app burns 686 mW, according to M2AppMonitor’s crowdsourced database of over 240,000 Android apps.

Here, then, are five Android apps that will help you burn calories, not batteries:

1. Runtastic PRO

Runtastic Pro Android App_M2AppMonitor Approved

Runtastic’s running and cardio fitness app tops the list as the most battery-efficient Android fitness app. Even with special features such as live tracking, shareable locations, and 3D Earth View workouts, Runtastic PRO uses only 410 mW of battery—which is 276 mW less than the average fitness app.

2. Noom Weight Loss Coach

Noom Weight Loss Fitness App_M2AppMonitor Approved

This app, which guides users through scientifically-backed weight loss plans in addition to providing challenges, health scores, health logs, and activity reminders, still manages to maintain a 417 mW battery drain rate—simultaneously allowing users to cut down on calories and battery consumption.

3. Runtastic Six Pack Abs Workout

Runtastic Six Pack Android Fitness App_M2AppMonitor Approved

Runtastic’s abdominal-focused app lets users lose the belly fat but keep device battery life by only using 467 mW of battery, which is quite impressive given the app’s collection of over 50 HD video tutorials on different core-strengthening exercises.

4. Fitness Buddy

Fitness Buddy Android Fitness App_M2AppMonitor Approved

Available as a free and paid Android app, Fitness Buddy features detailed descriptions, HD videos, animations, and workout plans for hundreds of diverse exercises. With all of the content included, Fitness Buddy remains extremely efficient with a low battery drain rate of 516 mW.

5. RunKeeper

Runkeeper GPS Track Run Walk Android App_M2AppMonitor Approved

RunKeeper has amassed a network of more than 25 million people who use the app to track their running and cycling routes via GPS. RunKeeper also delivers several helpful tools such as detailed reports on activity level, calories burned, weight loss, and progress toward completing fitness goals. With a slender 557 mW battery drain rate, RunKeeper users’ devices will keep on running with them.

Fitness Apps Battery Chart


M2AppMonitor has really come in handy for our users when selecting apps to download,” says Michael Brough, co-founder and CEO of M2Catalyst, a rapidly growing software developer that offers a wide variety of mobile applications designed to improve the mobile experience. “Users can look at Google Play to see which apps are popular and highly rated, but Google Play offers no information on how efficient each app is. Now with M2AppMonitor, Android users have access to real-time app-performance statistics on all of their installed apps so they can see which apps are over-consuming their device’s resources. As we’ve seen from M2AppMonitor’s database containing app quality data on over 240,000 apps, sometimes even the most popular apps drain significant device resources and may harm the user’s experience.”

Beyond being able to see how much battery an app uses, M2AppMonitor shows consumers how each app performs with regard to 10 crucial app quality metrics such as data use, crash frequency, and access to personal information. With all of this useful information, M2AppMonitor enables users to manage their device and understand apps that may be the cause of poor battery life, high data charges, slow processing speed, and other issues.

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