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What is M2AppMonitor?
M2AppMonitor helps you keep an eye on the resources used by each application on your phone, such as battery, data, CPU, storage, memory usage, etc., which in turn helps inform you on which apps are slowing down your phone, taking up space, or using up data.  
On top of assuring you that you have great and efficient apps installed on your phone, M2AppMonitor recommends better apps - all with great usage and performance - that we think you will enjoy using as well.
What Makes M2AppMonitor different from Lookout Mobile, Trend Micro Mobile Security or the other Malware scanners which are available?
M2appmonitor is NOT a Malware scanner and does not look for viruses or Spyware on your phone. It monitors the performance, quality and behavior of the applications that you use daily, allowing you to truly see which applications may be causing issues or using excessive resources on your phone.
How is M2AppMonitor different from other app monitors available?
While other app monitors may track one specific criteria, such as data usage, on your apps, M2AppMonitor tracks all performance metrics so you can get a complete picture on how your apps are running and effecting your phone.
The M2AppMonitor community also allows you to see what other apps people are downloading, and how those apps are affecting their phones or tablets. Building off of this, we developed a trending apps section in M2AppMonitor to show you the latest trending and efficient apps - which no other app available can do.
What criteria does M2AppMonitor actually monitor?
The app enables you to monitor ten key app performance metrics: Battery Usage, Data Usage, Memory Usage, CPU Processing, Crashes, Permissions, Storage Space, Notification Access, Update Frequency, and Analytics.
My values haven’t changed – is M2AppMonitor not working?
M2AppMonitor provides new data every 10 minutes while your phone is on and in use. If your phone is locked and falls into an idle or sleep state, AppMonitor will not update in order to conserve your device’s battery life.
Why can’t I deny permissions to apps?
The permission system within Android operates on an “all-or-nothing” basis. There is no way to disable or deny specific permissions. M2AppMonitor is also unable to edit these permissions.
How do I disable notifications?
You can turn off individual notifications by going into the notifications details page in the app’s settings and un-checking criteria about which you do not wish to be alerted. If you do not want notifications at all, you can un-check the “Show Notifications” option in the settings menu.
How safe is M2AppMonitor to use?
Very! Our number one priority is to protect your privacy and give you complete satisfaction. Any data sent through M2AppMonitor is completely anonymous, nobody - including us - will ever have any link between you and your phone or tablet. The data collected helps grow the community to bring you better and more efficient apps for Android, and of course, you can opt out from sending us data from with the app.

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