How the Top Social Media Apps for Android Consume Your Data


We conclude social media week by exploring the M2AppMonitor community to find out how much data each popular social media app on Android consumes on average. Unfortunately for us, the saying “money doesn’t grow on trees” can also be seen as “Free data doesn’t grow on trees”. If you are one of the fortunate ones who has an unlimited data plan, cherish it and treat it like it’s your child. For most of us with limited tiered data plans, though, it’s important to know which apps are hungry for our data.

We all know these social media apps are excellent, fun and addicting apps to use – as today, it’s clear that many people can’t seem to live without them – but let’s take a look at how some of the popular ones consume our data plans. Note that most of the following apps have great reason and purpose for exhausting more data, for example, ones that are more picture and video oriented will take up more data than ones that are not. But if you’re pushing your data plan to its limits each month or having to dive deep into your wallet to pay for overages, then your social media use may be something to reconsider (as difficult as that may sound).

1. Pinterest – .12 KB/min

Pinterest data

Coming in at the number 1 spot with only .12 KB/min, Pinterest is the ultimate social media app for saving data. Pin away, friends!

2. Vine – .28 KB/min

Vine data

Vine hit it right on the nail. With the tremendous amount of videos uploaded to Vine each day, they still managed to keep your data consumption incredibly low at .28 KB/min.

3. LinkedIn – .79 KB/min

LinkedIn data

LinkedIn has always been strong in their mobile presence. That said, the app’s use of your data is not at all shocking. Coming in 3rd, LinkedIn on average consumes only .79 KB/min.

4. Foursquare – .80 KB/min 

Foursquare data

Consuming on average .80 KB/min, Foursquare will let you save data and have fun all at the same time.

5. Twitter – 1.01 KB/min 

Twitter data

Keep the tweeting going! Although not as efficient as Pinterest, Twitter coming in at number 5 with 1.01 KB/min, is a great social network to help you save big on data.

6. Google+ – 2.05 KB/min 

Google+ data

For the amount of power contained in Google+, it’s amazing the app only consumes 2.05 KB/min on average – this of course depends on how much you use the app and will vary if you upload new content every minute.

7. Facebook – 3.36 KB/min 

Facebook data

You can wipe the swipe from anticipation off of your forehead now. Coming in at number 7 with 3.36 KB/min on average, Facebook is still a strong social media contender for data usage. It’s safe to say with its more recent updates, your good to go as far as saving data – again, contingent on how much you use the app.

8. Snapchat – 8.82 KB/min 

Snapchat data

We all love to send those snaps, and with 8.82 KB/min on average, Snapchat is an ideal app to socialize with friends and family. The relatively high data usage comes from users sending several pictures a day, so feel free to use the app, but make sure to monitor your usage if you’re worried about data.

9. YouTube – 27.76 KB/min 

Youtube data

With 27.76 KB/min, YouTube pulls the number 9 spot on M2AppMonitor’s current list. YouTube is a great app to kill time and have some laughs, just be aware that it may cost you in data.

10. Instagram – 44.81 KB/min 

Instagram data

At number 10, Instagram comes in with 44.81 KB/min on average. It’s no surprise that we see Instagram with higher data usage, as it’s also the number one most engaging social media app. Keep using Instagram as you please, but be sure to keep track of your data usage.

11. Tumblr – 64.29 KB/min

 Tumblr data

Last but not least on our list of top social media apps, comes Tumblr with 64.29 KB/min. The app is undoubtedly a great app with a clean interface, but if you are approaching the limits on your data plan, it may be wise to give Tumblr a break until your monthly plan resets.


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