Watch Your Back(ground Battery): Top 5 Android Apps that drain tons of battery in the background


Smartphones are steadily becoming an even more important aspect of our lives. We rely on our phones to make our lives easier and more enjoyable. That’s why it is essential for our phones and tablets to last as long as possible to help get us through the day.

As you can read in our past posts, the M2AppMonitor team has looked into which apps use up the most of your device’s battery. However today we will show you which apps are using the most battery in the background. If you don’t close out your apps on your Android device when you exit them, they can continue to drain battery, sometimes at larger rates than when you are actually using the app. This can be due to apps continuing to run services on your phone or loading location-based ads on your device.

Below are 5 apps that use the most background battery in the M2AppMonitor Database. If you want to see which of your apps burn the most battery in the background, you can download the FREE M2AppMonitor app on Google Play to regain control of your device.

1.  PewPew 2 PewPew 2 drains background battery

This retro-style space shoot ‘em up game leads that pack this week with a background battery drain rate of 15,320 mW, over 4 times greater than the next highest consuming app. Users have had a blast shooting down enemy forces, but be careful and make sure PewPew 2 doesn’t destroy your battery life.

2. Audible Audible drains Android battery in the background

This audiobook app has over 150,000 titles for your Android device. On the downside, the Audible drains battery at a rate of 3,432 mW. Make sure to close this app when you aren’t reading.

3. ForkFly ForkFly drains Android background battery


ForkFly is an app distributed by local newspapers and radio stations to provide deals and discounts at local destinations. What ForkFly might save you in cash may cost you in battery life. ForkFly eats up an average of 2,586 mW while running in the background.

4. Gulf Coast Entertainment Gulf Coast Entertainment Drains Battery in the Background

Gulf Coast Entertainment claims to be the official Entertainment Directory for the Gulf Coast and provides such services such as calendars, events, discounts, and more. If you are using this app while vacationing in the Gulf Coast, make sure you know your way back to the hotel, because with a background battery drain rate of 2,183 mW, your phone’s battery might die out before your vacation does.

5. Pet Rescue Saga Pet Rescue Saga Drains Background Battery in Android


In this family-friendly matching blocks game, you strive to break through and save the Pets from the game’s antagonist, the evil Snatchers. Although you may fight to save these pets’ lives, their only means of repaying you is by throwing your background battery to the snatchers, who consume background battery at a drain rate of 1,882 mW.

This is the latest post in our new M2AppMonitor Analysis series, where we will present you with information on apps directly from our M2AppMonitor Online Dashboard. M2AppMonitor, M2Catalyst’s application data analysis suite, has been collecting usage data on tens of thousands of popular apps for over six months. This has led to a massive database packed full of invaluable insights into the Android app ecosystem.

If you want to see if any of your apps are misbehaving, download the FREE M2AppMonitor Android app on Google Play today!

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