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Ebooks and technological advances have shaken up the traditional book publishing industry. For consumers, ebooks can be accessed anywhere for competitive prices, if not free. For authors, absolutely anyone with an internet connection can publish their work at no cost. Android Ebooks have impacted the Android community as well, with multiple ereader and ebook apps attaining over 5 million Android users.

So to find out which Android ebook app is actually used the most (hint: it isn’t Kindle), we saw which Android ebook apps our worldwide M2AppMonitor community actually engaged with the most. Below is a list of the five most-used Android ebook apps, in order of most time spent on screen.

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1. Wattpad: 28.5% of all Android ebook app activity

Wattpad is a highly used ebook reader app M2AppMonitor

As a result that may surprise many, Wattpad leads the way as the most-used Android ebook app. Despite having significantly less Android installs than other apps on this list, Wattpad app usage makes up over a quarter of all Android ebook app usage activity. Wattpad is massively popular among the young adult demographic and is a popular platform for independent authors to post free stories.

2. Moon+Reader: 19.6% of all Android ebook app activity

moon+ reader is a popular ereadr app M2AppMonitor Reports

Moon+ Reader succeeds in claiming the second spot as the second most-used Android ebook app. Much In spite of having the least Android downloads on this list, Moon+ Reader impresses with 20% of all ebook app usage. Moon+ Reader has avid fans as evident by their 4.5-star Google Play rating.

3. Kindle: 19.2% of all Android ebook app activity

Kindle is highly used android app ereader M2AppMonitor

Amazon’s Kindle app clocks in as the 3rd most-used Android ebook app. It’s a little bit of a surprise to see Kindle in third, considering its massive popularity as an ereader device and having the most Android downloads of any ereader app, at over 50 million app downloads. Kindle lets you sync your books so you can access your ebooks from multiple sources and pick up where you left off.

4. Google Play Books: 11.2% of all Android ebook activity

Google Play Books is a highly used ereader app for Android

Rounding out today’s list at number 5 is Google Play books. Google’s ebook solution offers millions of books, including bestsellers, textbooks and free classics.

5. Aldiko Book Reader: 9.3% of all Android ebook app activity

Alkido Book Reader is a highly used Android ereader app M2AppMonitor report

Aldiko boasts over 18 million users from 200 countries, and their massive userbase is definitely commited to Aldiko. It only took Aldiko 5 years to surpass 20 million downloads. For all Android ebook app usage, Aldiko is the go-to source 9% of the time.

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